• God’s Perfect Plan

    John 1:29 – The next day John (the Baptist) saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”. The Lenten season will soon be upon us. So what does that mean to us as Christians and followers of Jesus Christ? Many of us think…

  • Did You Know God Knew Us Before We Were Born?

    God knew us before we were born, before we were formed in the womb. Not that we existed before, like some of the other religions suppose or that we’ll keep going through this until we get it right, but he knew us and what we would be before we were born. Our days are already…

  • So where did December 25th come from?

    The world celebrates the birth of Jesus on December 25th. But is that really when Jesus was born? The Bible doesn’t tell us exactly when Jesus was born and we probably will never know for sure until we can ask Jesus face to face when we get to heaven. So where did December 25th come…

  • When was Jesus born?

    For many hundreds of years, December 25th has been the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The odd part is, there is nothing in the Bible that supports December 25th as the birth date of Jesus. The Bible is pretty vague about when Jesus was actually born but it is highly…

  • Food Drive

    We are continuing our food drive. The next collection date is Nov 12th. Drop off non-perishable food at the Elias church on those dates at 10-11 AM. Thank you all that donated food in the past. It was very much appreciated by the food bank. Thank you and God Bless you for caring about others.

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  • Sunday Service

    Sunday Church Service starts at 9:00AM. All are welcome to attend. For those that can’t attend, live sermon messages are on Facebook every Sunday, about 9:20AM. Friend request Patty Pikna to see it on her Facebook page. You can also see those messages on this website on the Sermons page.

  • We are Elias!

    No Matter Who you are…… No Matter Where you are on Life’s Journey…. There is a Home for You here at Elias !! Joins us at 9AM for Worship, Christmas Eve Service at 7PM.   Pastor Jay Heberling Devotions Why Do I Believe In God? How Handy is Your Bible? Are You Ready to Meet Jesus?…

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